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Who we are

Our officers, agents, and employees from SW FL Polygraph & Background Verification, LLC, have been providing Employment Screening and Polygraph Testing since May 14, 1975, in Fort Myers, Florida.

We have partnered with a national service centers to provide accurate and reliable information. Our pre-employment credit reports are pulled from Transunion credit bureau. Our services: Florida & USA, Driving Reports, Criminal, Wants & Warrants Report, Pre-Employment Credit Reports, Verification By SSN Reports, Pre-employment credit report, Education Verification, and Polygraph Testing.

Our Polygraph Testing are audio and video recorded during the testing period. CPSpro software is used to evaluate the Psycho physiological responses occurring during each question segment and computes the probability of truthfulness or deception. The physiological recordings are obtained with a Stoelting Computerized Polygraphs System (CPSpro) which continuously records on a computer price measures of thoracic (TR) and abdominal (AR) respiration, skin conductance (EDA), relative blood pressure (BP), and subject movement from a sensor pad. All of the physiological measures are stored in the computer together with the text of each question and any artifact detected and entered by the examiner during the test.

We are Members of American Association of Police Polygraphists & Members of American Polygraph Association

What we do

We provide easy access for Background Screening through fax, phone, email, and even by mail results to your company. Our Background Screening services are as follows: Florida & USA, Driving Reports, Criminal, Wants &Warrants Report, Pre Employment Credit Reports, Verification By SSN Reports, Pre-employment credit report, Employment and Education Verification, and Polygraph Testing;

  • Employment Verification
  • Criminal Defense
  • Identify the Guilty
  • Clear the Wrongfully Accused
  • Verify Information & Statements
  • Violent Crimes
  • Property Crimes
  • Sex Crimes & Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Narcotic Investigations
  • Hidden Assets
  • Domestic Disputes
  • Infidelity Issues
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Allegations of Child Abuse
  • Civil Rights Matters
  • Allegations of Official Misconduct
  • Allegations of Public Corruption
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Matters
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Missing Persons
  • Law Enforcement, Government & Security Screening
  • Any Time the Need for the Truth is Important

What we don't do

We will make sure to follow our due diligence in order to provide any End User or company our services.

We cannot sell to End Users or companies that are in any of the following categories below:

  • Adult entertainment service of any kind
  • Attorney or Law Firm engaged in the practice of law, unless engaged in collection or using the report in connection with a consumer bankruptcy pursuant to the written authorization of the consumer.
  • Credit Counseling, except non-for-profit credit counselors
  • Credit repair clinic
  • Dating service
  • Financial counseling, except a registered securities broker dealer
  • Genealogical or heir research firm
  • Massage service
  • Company that locates missing children
  • Pawn Shop
  • Company that handles third party repossession
  • Tattoo service
  • Company seeking information in connection with time shares (exception: financers of time shares)
  • Law enforcement agency
  • Asset location service
  • News agency or journalist
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